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Standard & Special Specifications

Standard Specification
All Concrete mixes are produced in accordance with the Bahrain Standard Specification for Concrete Construction issued by the Ministry of Work in November 2009. The specification dictates quality and performance requirements for all consentituent materials, mix designs and to the testing procedures.

The specification references many diverse International Standards and Publications. Where no Bahraini standard covers the subject, British Standard, ASTM or ACI Standards are used.

Special Specification
HajiHassan ReadyMix has the greatest experience in producing the widest range of concrete mixes for special purposes.

Very low water/cement ratio
Low Heat Concrete with the use of controlled quality Pulverised Fuel Ash (Fly Ash)
High strength Concrete using Microsilica (Silica Fume)
High Durability Concrete with triple blends of Fly ash and Silica Fume
Underwater Concrete
Pile Foundation Concrete
High Flow Concrete
Slip Form Concrete
Retarded Set Concrete
Accelerated Set Concrete
Gunite or ShortCrete Concrete
Lightweight Concrete
Slurry for the oil industry
Heavyweight Concrete
X-Ray Shielding
Mass Concrete Pours
Foamed Concrete
Self Compacting Concrete
High-Rise Pumped Comcrete
White/Coloured Concrete
Concrete for Exposed Aggregate Finishes
Superflat Floor Concretes
Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Polypropylene Fibre Enhanced Concrete