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Ministry Approvals

Bahrain Ministry of Housing has certified all of HHRM's standard mixes needed for their projects.

The Ministry of Works has a more diverse and more demanding specification for infrastructure projects.

The Ministry of Works continuously follows production conducting random weekly visits sampling materials for compliance testing at the Materials' Engineering Directorate laboratory. Certification is renewed every 6 months and published for the industry's scrutiny. HHRM is the only supplier to have appeared as fully approved on every published listing.

For any changes and adjustments of the mix design, trial mixing is performed under the supervision of the Materials' Engineering Directorate.

At the time of going to press HHRM had more approved mixes than any other supplier in Bahrain.

Here is a list of currently valid MED certificates for our mixes (others can be made available on request).

MED Certificate # Short Description  Typical Use
543 C25/35 20LS OPC Superstructure
544 C16/20 20LS SRPC Blinding
545 C35/45 20LS SRPC Substructure
546 C32/40 20LS SRPC Substructure
547 C35/45 20LS OPC Superstructure
548 C16/20/10/OPC Screed
549 C40/50 20LS OPC+PFA Piling
550 C40/50 20LS OPC+MS Superstructure
551 C40/50 20LS SRPC Piling
552 C40/50 20LS OPC+PFA Any Structure
553 C40/50 20LS SRPC+MS Substructure
554 C35/45 20LS OPC+PFA Any Structure
461 C50/60 20LS OPC+MS Superstructure

Please note that many of HHRM specialist mixes are not covered by the Bahrain Standard Specification for Construction Works on which approvals are based. This includes CLSM, Ready-to- Use Mortars, LECA, Heavyweight, Foamed Concretes, etc. Field data/project approvals for such designs are available