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Quality Control

HAJI HASSAN READYMIX implements strict quality control procedures on all aspects of the business:
Each shipment of imported raw materials is tested.
Sand, Coarse Aggregates and Cements are tested and certified before use.
Admixtures are pre-tested before any consignment is cleared.
Concrete is sampled from deliveries for testing using statistical sampling methodology.
Results are carefully and closely analysed daily to detect any important changes.

Mix Designs are developed to meet the Standard Specification for Ministry of Works and Housing, Kingdom of Bahrain. Additional project-specific requirements are identified and incorporated by qualified technical staff with extensive knowledge of both ASTM and British/European Standards. This is backed by years of experience in successfully producing concrete in Middle East conditions and applying relevant reference documents.

Quality Scheme

BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL (BVQI) is the third party accreditation body that independently certifies the quality system.
Certifcation quarantees compliance with ISO 9001:2010 assuring customers that all procedures in material handling, concrete production and delivery are in accordance with the specified technical requirements. BVQI audits performance at least twice a year. These 3rd party audits make life easy for our customers as they do not have to verify whether our procedures are properly implemented

Quality Policy

The objective of HAJI HASSAN READYMIX is to meet the needs of customers by providing sound advice, products and services in a cost-effective way without compromising quality and meeting relevant national and international standards. The quality and reliability of HAJI HASSAN READYMIX products and services are the responsibility of each and every employee within the company. HAJI HASSAN READYMIX is fully committed to resolving any problems that may arise from time to time and constantly work towards a prevention system rather than one of fault detection. To meet these objectives procedures, work instructions and other appropriate documentation are developed and implemented at all times